YKK APA Lockout Tagout Procedures

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Lockout Tagout Procedures SS1036AE-5 Concise Version
It is estimated that over 100 workers are seriously injured every day due to failure to properly lockout-tagout equipment. This program covers the purpose of lockout-tagout, the hazards associated with the accidental release of stored energy, proper lockout-tagout procedures for attaining zero energy state, proper startup procedures and special situations. Referred by many professionals as the best training program in the market, Lockout-Tagout creates an awareness and respect for the hazards and motivates your workers to follow best practices to prevent incidents and ensure their safety.
Lockout/Tagout - SS5030AE (10 min.)
Lockout/Tagout procedures may be necessary for many pieces of equipment in your facility during maintenance or repair. This program is a great tool for training “affected” and “authorized” employees in lockout/tagout procedures. This includes workers in kitchens, laundry rooms, and maintenance. A lack of knowledge pertaining to proper lockout/tagout procedures can have tragic results.