YKK APA Forklift Operator Training

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Forklift Operator Training – SS1024GE (18 min.)
This program utilizes video shot on location as well as 3D animations to train new or experienced employees in the importance of safe operation and the responsibilities of professional lift truck operations, and the skills and techniques operators can use to help ensure workplace safety and incident prevention. Anyone required to operate forklifts must be trained in accordance with mandated standards. Training must include a wide variety of topics including engineering principles, forklift operating rules, equipment characteristics, differences between a forklift and a car, environmental hazards, operator maintenance, hazardous locations, surface operating conditions, site-specific operations, potential hazards, and other pertinent information. This video does just that and is a great training aid for training new operators or as refresher training for experienced operators.
Forklifts and the Pedestrians SS1038GE (8 Min.)
The most common accident seen in forklifts is striking a pedestrian. This means as a pedestrian you need to be extremely vigilant when working around forklifts, and the same goes for the forklift operator too. This program focuses on the safety of pedestrians, and the things you can do to make sure you will have a safe workday.
Propane Safety - Fueling your Forklift - SS1032GE (7 Min.)
This program focuses on the key fundamentals to safely handle propane tanks in relation with forklifts. From safe storage to switching out tanks, this program is a great f0r anyone that will be working with propane tanks and forklifts.