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GFCI: The Facts SS11133AE
Description | Coming December 2023
Working safely with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) is crucial to prevent electrical shocks and fires. GFCIs are electrical devices designed to protect you from electrical hazards by shutting off power to a circuit if it detects a ground fault, which can occur when electricity leaks to the ground instead of following its intended path.
Hospital Series: Bloodborne Pathogens SS707AE
Description | Coming April 2024
Bloodborne Pathogens. These viruses can cause diseases that can lead to death. They’re called Bloodborne Pathogens because exposure usually occurs from contact with blood; but not always. Other body fluids can contain these viruses as well. Bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted through accidental punctures and cuts with contaminated sharp materials like needles or contact between mucous membranes or broken skin and infected body fluids. But, by following the procedures outlined in this program, you’ll dramatically reduce your chances of being exposed to or infected with these deadly viruses.
Hospital Series: Injury Prevention The Basics SS708AE
Description | Coming April 2024
This basic training video will help prevent those careless injuries that happen within the healthcare setting. They may include slips, trips, and falls all the way to bumps and bruises or more serious injuries. This new Hospital Orientation overview is a great complement to your existing safety program. Topics covered also include: Preventing trips slips and falls Standard Precautions bumps bangs & bruises equipment use proper body mechanics, handling soiled linen, trash and much more
Hospital Series: Safe Patient Handling SS709AE
Description | Coming April 2024
Safe Patient handling and mobility is a combination of Teamwork and Technology. By working together, with the patient being an active/integral part of the Team, we can minimize the risk of injury to the staff and patient and enhance the progressive mobility of the patient. How, exactly do we do this? This video examines how.
Hospital Series: Safety Orientation-Best Practices SS712AE
Description | Coming April 2024
There are many hazards in the healthcare environment. Many of them aren't directly related to the care of patients. But, they are potential hazards nonetheless and need to be addressed in order to minimize risk to workers in this environment. This video takes a look at Slips & Falls, Safe Lifting, Bumps & Bruises, Chemicals, Equipment Use and others.
Hospital Series: Slips Trips Falls SS710AE
Description | Coming April 2024
Slips, Trips & Falls are a potential hazard in the healthcare environment. But they are only POTENTIAL hazards. That’s right, slips trips & falls are preventable and that’s what this program is all about…some common sense tips and safe practices you can use to help make your environment safer for you, your co-workers, our patients and visitors.
Hospital Series: Violence In The Workplace SS711AE
Description | Coming April 2024
With civility seemingly on the decline across all social sectors, healthcare staff need to be more prepared than ever to deal with hostility directed at them and it needs to be dealt with. This video takes a look at what you can do to minimize these events in your hospital.
Hospitality MOAB Training: Managing of Aggressive Behavior SS5096AE
Description | Coming February 2024
Aggressive behavior is on the rise in the workplace. Are your employees prepared to deal with an angry, aggressive client? All employees need the tools to effectively deal with these situations. With the proper tools, potentially violent encounters can be de-escalated and defused. Topics covered include: strategies for preventing and diffusing aggressive behavior, methods of communication, stages of conflict and mental conditioning.
Veterinarian Orientation SS0626
Description | Coming March 2024