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Cannabis Chemical Safety SSCB02AE (13 Min.)
Chemical safety is of utmost importance to protect farmers, consumers, and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals used in growing. Overall, chemical safety in agriculture is essential to protect human health and the environment, and it is important for farmers, farm workers, and agricultural organizations to prioritize safe chemical handling practices.
Cannabis Industry Safety SSCB03AE (15 Min.)
Working in the cannabis industry can give you a rewarding experience but it does not come without safety risk. With the proper training and education these risk can be minimized, giving you the ability to return home from work safe and healthy. There are many jobs within the cannabis industry all the way from cultivating to sales and this video will help you understand the associated safety hazards.
Cannabis Retail Safety - SSCB01AE (8 Min.)
Cannabis retail safety is critical for ensuring the well-being of both employees and customers in the cannabis industry. As the legalization of cannabis has gained momentum in many countries and states, more and more retail stores are opening up to meet the demand for cannabis products. In these stores, it is important to implement safety measures to ensure the safe handling and sale of cannabis products.