Beyond Basic Driving: Valet Safety – SS5064AE

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When greeting a customer, it is important to smile and be courteous, you are their first impression of your company.
When you have an intoxicated customer who insists on getting behind the wheel of their vehicle, you should:
As a valet parking professional, safety is extremely important. What are some of the hazards you could face?
To save time, there is no need to take a quick walk around the vehicle before you get into, park or move a car.
There are no hazards when helping customers with luggage
It is your responsibility to use good judgement and treat the customer’s vehicle with great care.
The most common injury to valet parking professionals are slips, trips and falls.
When driving, be on the lookout for other vehicles or pedestrians. Just because you can see pedestrian, it does not guarantee the pedestrian can see you.
If there is a slippery surface, it is your responsibility to:
It’s the nature of the job to be in a hurry to provide good customer service for every customer. Walking and running are okay to take care of the customer promptly