Compressed Gas Cylinders – M259E (19 mins.)

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If compressed gas cylinders are stored in direct sunlight, the _________ of the gases inside them is likely to rise.
True or False?... A "pressure relief device" (PRD) is a valve that provides a steady flow of gas from the cylinder through the delivery system to the user.
True or False?... Because of the extremely low temperatures of cryogenic liquids, the cylinders that contain them require special treatment when they are being handled
True or False?... Any gas that is leaking from a compressed gas cylinder can push breathable air out of a space, and could cause the people in the space to suffocate.
"Standard compression" is used to squeeze substances such as hydrogen, helium or oxygen into a cylinder in the form of…
Which of the following gases must be dissolved in a solvent in order to be stored safely in a cylinder?